Thursday, May 26, 2005

virtually perfect vanda hybrida orchids

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if we recorded every electrical impulse within a living thing, couldn't we theoretically recreate a nearly perfect version inside of a computer, allowing the living thing to regrow virtually for all eternity? it's like that movie where you have to decide whether to download your consciousness in computers and live forever or let yourself die naturally and face your own mortality, except... it's vanda hybrida orchids instead of humans. by recording the electrical signals of the plants the life support systems project has developed a very personal internal history of the way the plants developed and grew. this is then recreated by the life support systems project inside of a hacked xbox video game console, where you can view a "visualization of the language model" or listen to the generated signals presented as sound.
oh! it's also like that william gibson book where they store famous hackers brains inside of small computers, but the hackers still feel consciousness after they're dead because they're trapped in a computer system, but the main character eventually destroys it for them so they can live in peace.

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