Sunday, May 01, 2005

more people would clone einstein than jesus

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according to the bbc, more people would clone einstein than jesus by a 22% to 11% ratio. 1000 people were surveyed on whether they would clone einstein, jesus, elvis presley, or mozart. mozart only got 8% and elvis 7%, some said they don't know, and the rest gave the vanilla-boring answer of "no-one."

bringing back the dead through cloning is really in vogue recently. the company that cloned the first domestic cat (genetic savings and clone) has turned their offer into a business venture. the offer has already expired, unfortunately, but they were willing to clone your favorite sad and aging pet cat for a $50,000 donation. below are some success stories - cloned kittens.
Image hosted by cc, the first cloned kitty

Image hosted by little gizmo, clone of gizmo

Image hosted by little nicky, clone of nicky

Image hosted by peaches, clone of mango

Image hosted by tabouli and baba ganoush, clones of tahini (two clones from one cat, and all falafel spoofs!)

the rich have sometimes been criticized for spending their money on unnecessary things while there are still starving children in somalia. not so with the entrepreneur john sperling: he's spending his money recreating a life, donating millions of dollars to the same animal cloning company to revive his dead husky named missy. missy passed away in 2002, but was such a good dog she may get another swing at life. unfortunately, attempts so far to clone missy have been unsuccessful.

full article on cats and dogs at "cat cloning offered to pet owners"

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