Saturday, May 28, 2005

11 ways to be super smart

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for those bent on world domination: new scientist recently released an overview of 11 ways to improve the functioning of your brain, most of the advice is super easy. one of the highlights was as simple as breakfast in the morning. kids that had sugary fizzy breakfast performed about as well as 70 year old men in tests of memory and attention, and eating breakfast in general improved the functioning of brains throughout the day. best things to eat include toast and eggs. beans were also suggested, but who eats beans for breakfast?
exercise is definitely necesario. just walking for a half hour 3 times a week improved learning, concentration and abstract reasoning by 15 percent. even more interesting, cleveland clinic foundation in ohio did an experiment where people were asked to merely think about exercising their arm muscles for 15 minutes a day. after 12 weeks their arm muscles were 13% stronger. mind over matter.
check out the article if you want more cheats to being smarter.

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