Monday, May 16, 2005

blog star theater

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i must admit that i have a love-hate relationship with blog culture. the kind of blog i like is creative and informative, but the majority of blogs seem to be about absolutely nothing important. they are teenage diaries ad nausium, filled with drama that only the writer, and perhaps a few close friends, usually cares about. but now someone is beginning to take all of the bland internet fodder and reformat it in a creative way. blog star theater is a blog dedicated to theatrical reproductions of other people's blogs, videotaped and attached to the site weekly. blog star theater takes these tales of small concern, and humorously detournes them into interesting adventures, making something that was once bland - the stories of strangers - and turns it into something interesting and new. anyone is allowed to produce and submit an episode, so if you're interested, i think you can make an episode on your own and send it in.

blog star theater is at

idea via reg posting on smart mobs

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