Monday, May 09, 2005

sunny may the month for suicides

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researchers at the priory group belief it may be the sunny weather that causes may to be the month with the highest suicide rates. while it is true that sunny days tend to cheer people up, and that people are most depressed during winter, researchers believe that it may be the burst of sunshine in may that makes the month the most popular time to end your life. the sheer amount of warm, fresh, fuzzy sunshine may actually give people the optimism, confidence and energy they need to go through with their suicidal plans. this goes along with the statistical correlation that suicidal tendencies often don't bloom during severe depression, but rather just after it, as the depression is lifting.

"spring is a time for new beginnings and new life, yet the juxtaposition between a literally blooming world and the barren inner life of the clinically depressed is often too much for them to bear," says professor chris thompson of the priory group

full article at the bbc

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