Sunday, May 15, 2005

hunt animals over the internet

Image hosted by is a website that allows you to fire real guns over the internet. they've attached a camera, a computer, and a rifle together so that you can do target practice online, and even get the targets mailed to you. they originally started with meager paper targets, but now they're finally moving up and releasing a new service - real animals! nothing to do on a sunday afternoon? too drunk or paraplegic to go real hunting? well, now you can go online and shoot some animals, without even leaving your home. not only that, but they'll taxonify them for an extra fee, and also mail you the meat if you want. hunts start at $150, but prices add up with extra services.

the rifle is set up on a 300 acre spread in san antonio, stocked with different game.
you can shoot barbary sheep
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blackbuck antelope
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sheep - "corsican, mouflon, and crosses"
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and even wild hog (isn't he somehow dashing?)
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bigger article at the boston globe - "live shot is the target of critical fire"

thanks to beverly tang for the idea, who reblogged book of joe

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HA! Thats just whacked!