Thursday, March 31, 2005

mind reading machine mixes drinks

just slide a band around your head, and the brain bar will read your brainwaves, create a map of your emotional landscape, and mix the perfect drink to enhance your social experience in a given setting. the brain bar helps create communal emotional environments. you may receive a drink that amps you up in a hardcore show, or relaxes you if you're sitting on the veranda of a hotel on the beach

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73 bus stories

73 stories of 73 words each about the route 73 bus route in london.

73 bus stories

"...the project 73 Urban Journeys was 'designed to explore, experience and capture textual, visual and sensual narratives of the mobile London urban experience' (Jungnickel, 2003). People who travel on the London Bus Route 73, are invited to post stories and images relating to either bus stops or specific seats of the traditional double-decker. These examples have either begun with a narrative taken from the site or invited the players to share their own experiences of the place. Either way the resulting image or story artefacts are an engaging read that inspire a richer relationship to the site." quote taken from the SCOOT site, not connected directly to urban journeys.

location based

Imagine a world where wild humans roam the streets of cities in packs with a constant thirst for blood. Their only mission: to seek out their enemies and exact revenge. Their weapons are small and shiny tazer looking devices - eerily like cellular telephones - that are attached to location sensors that know where they are all the time. They drift around the city looking for other players to attack. Or, perhaps, merely interact with.

Okay, so here's
SCOOT , not quite so bloody, but a first step in location based gaming. Your cell phone knows where you are in a city within a few feet. This is usually used for getting directions or creating city maps that place you inside them, but the technology's real use is to interact constantly with your urban surroundings. Location based games can exploit this, to get gamers out of their own houses and create new situations with real people in real places, enhancing, as SCOOT's creators say, "social and cultural capital."

"SCOOT is a mixed reality experience designed to explore the potentials of a relatively new(ish) form of game design, location-based games (LBGs), that employ the web and mobile devices as tools of play. SCOOT is set in both the physical world and a virtual facsimile of the site situated online. Players are challenged to find and solve clues in BOTH worlds in order to reveal the dynamics of the site and progress in the game. SCOOT also exploits known tropes from treasure hunt and puzzle games in the real world, supported by online navigation and communication." -from the site.
"For a location-based game to be successful, it must alter the players perception of their own space, hence increasing their agency and motivation to be collaborative authors of the experience." great quote.

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we make money not art