Thursday, May 05, 2005

new location based social networking system

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i have grand dreams of an interconnected future. being able to walk through a city and chat with anyone in a one mile radius, or simply knowing who else is in the library with you, is a way to bridge the immense space that computers can put between people. while kids are locked up in their rooms, ignoring their friends, isolated but playing a cool video game, i hope one day we'll change it around - if kids are going to game, let them do it outside.

gaming aside, the university of michigan has created a program that might change the way we instant message, by bringing location sensing into a chat program's capabilities. the program, called mates, could automatically list the people around you, through gps, positioning systems, or simply as a result of user input. the program is independent of other messaging programs, but has open code to encourage other messaging platforms to usefully absorb their technology.

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