Friday, April 01, 2005

there is a forest of data hidden here

the tree applet at processes the data in any website and creates a forest of trees from the syntactic structure of the site and the sites linked through it. just watching this applet go is an experience in itself. above is a screen shot of the program at work on lemons in space.

"tree accesses the source code of a web domain through it's url and transforms the syntactic structure of the web site into a tree structure represented by an image. this image illustrates a tree with trunk, branches and ramifications. first each tree is initialized, than all html links are detected, chronologically saved and finally displayed. "

"the first tree corresponds to the domain; according to the syntax of the web site each further tree that builds up represents a sub page including all existing elements. the color of these trees reflects the color values of the domain and its sub pages."

idea via josh rubin: cool hunting

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