Saturday, April 09, 2005

hong kong has too many dead, soon could be placed in skyscrapers.

i've never thought that skyscrapers looked like giant mausoleums until this moment. walls of evenly placed windows, sort of like morgue freezers, repeticiously placed. but really, the dead waste a ton of space. they aren't doing anything, they don't even decompose really, since we usually place them in coffins (coffins can be very polluting) or burn them to ashes. i heard it's even illegal to have your body buried in the woods, in nature (a man walks his dog through the forest, uncovers some old bones or a human finger, you get the idea). hong kong has this very problem, what will they do with all of their dead as ground space runs out and real humans need it? according to the bbc, local authorities are considering building high rise mausoleums to house the urns of the dead.

full article here.

idea via future feeder

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