Tuesday, April 19, 2005

photosynthesizing refrigerators: the fridge with the light that stays on forever

mitsubishi electric in japan has invented a refrigerator that photosynthesizes your vegetables as it runs, while also humidifying your vegetables. the new fridges have orange light-emitting diodes that always stay on in the vegetable compartment, allowing the number of vitamins in some vegetables to actually increase as they keep, instead of the decrease that usually occurs. after 3 days vitamin c rose by 10 percent in broccoli sprouts, compared with a 25 percent drop in other fridges, according to the company. the new fridge is supposed to keep vegetables looking greener, tasting fresher, and more nutricious for longer amounts of time.

other less impressive vitamin enhancing inventions recently created in japan include vitamin d emitting lights, and vitamin c air purifiers.

full article at yahoo! news

idea via popgadget

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