Sunday, April 24, 2005

a nose that knows secrets

(this cute kitty has absolutely nothing to do with the spectral nose)

the "spectral nose" is an artificial nose currently being developed by scottish scientists that will able to sense a variety of different illnesses just based on a person's breath. detecting illnesses by smell is nothing new, it is something doctor's have known for 100 years, but hasn't been emphasized in quite a long time. plus, what doctor wants to smell stinky breath?
"let the robot do it, dammit!"
such illnesses as smallpox, liver failure, diabetes, measles, and of course, obtrusive drunkenness can all be detected by the new "nose" (which probably won't be shaped like an actual nose). there will be two versions developed, the first being an expensive lab version for doctors, and the other being a less expensive small and portable device for the field or at home. the smaller device apparently might not actually tell you what you're sick with- not wanting to alarm a person- but may simply say "i think you should go see someone."

colin bell, a wine taster for harvey nichols in edinburgh, [appropriately] said: "it sounds interesting, but i don’t think there will be anything that can replace the human nose."

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