Wednesday, April 06, 2005

disembodied cuisine: vegetarian protein or zombie flesh?

this is old news, but new for me. in 2003 scientists/artists from harvard did a biopsy on a frog, removing a sample of muscle tissue, and then continued to grow the disembodied meat on some kind of a polymer. the frog entered the exhibition alive and healthy along with the growing disembodied frog muscle, which was served up and eaten by guests. since the muscle growing on its own was in no way attached to a living being any longer, yet still grew on it's own, this could be the perfect protein for vegetarians who don't want animals to be harmed (the original operation on the frog is considered relatively harmless). yet people were still obviously alienated by the food. it produces a real ethical blur, since it forces people into the paradox of unconsciously forcing things to suffer instead of embracing a method that may resolve this suffering.

here is the project link

idea via we make money not art

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Wow. That is pretty insane. You have a very interesting blog. Intriguing and sophisticated and really frickin cool.

I love it