Sunday, April 24, 2005

emailing lowers iq more than pot

artwork by larkie
there are two interesting research findings wrapped up in this story: the first that pot smokers' iq's drop 4 points on average, the second that people who spend too much time emailing actually develop a 10 point iq drop. the constant flow of email information apparently dumbs down the brain, while taking up real time and disconnecting readers from real life engagements. moments of quiescence are necessary for an intelligent mind. i must admit i thought this story was totally bogus at first, but it's displayed in both
the guardian and the register.

Doziness, lethargy and an increasing inability to focus reached "startling" levels in the trials by 1,100 people, who also demonstrated that emails in particular have an addictive, drug-like grip.

The most damage was done, according to the survey, by the almost complete lack of discipline in handling emails. Dr Wilson and his colleagues found a compulsion to reply to each new message, leading to constant changes of direction which inevitably tired and slowed down the brain.

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