Saturday, April 02, 2005

mad geneticists create human monsters: chimeras now a reality

geneticists have started to create "chimeras," humans genetically fused with animal dna. chinese scientists at shanghai second medical university successfully created the first human-animal hybrids in 2003 by fusing human cells with rabbit eggs. they were allowed to develop for several days in a laboratory dish, and then destroyed. these were the first human-animal chimeras created, but now even more creations have been developed by scientists throughout the world. in minnesota last year, scientists created pigs with human blood flowing through their veins. at stanford university in california mice with human brains may be created some time later this year.

the end-goal of these experiments may be to create the most human-like animals in order to test new drugs, do experiments, or to create replacement organs for humans.

full story at national geographic.

idea via beverly tang's reblog
first image from national geographic, second from (I am Spartacus)

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