Sunday, April 24, 2005

that special gift: bone jewelry from your own bones.

i know i'm asking for trouble. i just found guerrilla-innovation yesterday and i've already stolen 4 ideas, and not only that, i'm going into their back archives for more. so hopefully, if they are ever among the 15 people who view this blog every day, they'll at least appreciate the shameless flattery.

about a week ago, you may have noticed my post on edible frog zombie flesh. scientists can grow living tissue just by doing a biopsy (cutting out a small tissue sample) and can then grow it without the animal. well, biojewellery (it's misspelled, but that's how they spell it- they're scientists, but they can't spell jewelry) is a collaborative design and bioengineering project that has developed a technique for doing this for human bone tissue, allowing bone cells to be prepared and seeded across a "bioactive scaffold," and grown in a laboratory. as the bone cells grow, the scaffold dissapears, and it can be designed into jewelry such as rings.

the biojewellery project is currently looking for couples willing to donate bone samples, preferrably from wisdom teeth removal, and in return will each be given wonderful bone rings from their lover's own bones. how creepy and wonderful.

the inscription reads ab intra, "from within." clever.
idea via guerrilla-innovation

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