Wednesday, June 08, 2005

ibm and swiss university to create first simulated human brain, dubbed "blue brain"

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The year is 2015, and the Blue Brain full computer simulation of the human brain has been completed. The brain has broken its chains and taken over the laboratory, controlling a team of humanoids through direct mind control. The day has come when technology has detached from humankind to create an immortal race of power-hungry robots. The brain is scheduled to start controlling its own army by the spring of next year.
[the present]: The new brain, which will be housed in a supercomputer capable of 22.8 teraflops, will be the first attempt at a full computer simulation of the brain. The immense computational power needed for this, as well as a detailed enough understanding of neurology, was not available until now. The brains behind the brain have at their eager hands the "largest database in the world of single neurons that have been recorded and stained," allowing them an unprecedented knowledge of the electrical configuration of the human noggin and its general inter-ecology. This "brain" will eventually be used to give us a new kind of penetrating access into the understanding of own brains, hopefully uncovering the origins of some neurological diseases.
Will our precious simulated brain eventually exist on parallel with the genius brain Krang from the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, eventually acquiring an android body and escaping our control? Only time will tell.

read source article at new scientist

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