Wednesday, June 08, 2005

hackers create zombie army

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A new triple virus has been released on the world, using a unique strategy to create an army of "zombie machines" that the hacker can control. These zombie machines can be used to extort money from commercial sites by threatening them with overwhelming traffic, which would force them offline, or could be used to unleash an amazing amount of spam mail. The first line of attack for the virus is the "Glieder" trojan, which is sent through email and downloaded as an attachment. Once installed, the Glieder trojan then tries to access a slew of sites to download the other 2 virus counterparts necessary for the takeover. The second fragment of the virus is known as "Fantibag" which deactivates anti-virus and other security software, while blocking access to security-related websites, opening the computer to infection. The final bombshell is the "Mitglieder" which installs a program that can be used to control the machine remotely.
Apparently, these zombie machines can also be sold on "an underground equivalent of eBay."

full article at new scientist

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