Saturday, August 06, 2005

cocaine traces in italian river suggest vast cocaine usage

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Scientists in Italy have applied an inventive way to test cocaine use in the regions washing into Italy's large Po River. The river serves as the waste basin for 5 million people, allowing the drugs to trickle through the bloodstream, out the user's urine, and into the labs of scientists. What is interesting about the study is that it suggests that cocaine use in the region is actually 80 times higher than the officially released estimate of drug use collected through surveys, medical records and crime statistics. If this is true in Italy, perhaps the world has a much larger drug problem than statisticians suspect.

source article from new scientist


Infina said...

Well, then again, you also need to consider how much crack one person abuses. Not all people have the same amount; some people only smoke it occasionally, while others have enough to start a buisness with. That's no excuse though, crack is still a big issue!

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